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Originally Posted by BruceD View Post

First is a Pro Kennex Graphite Slammer 110, that is called, "Werewolf". Using the same "skipped cross holes" design and spacing as the rest of the family, is very quick and aerodynamic and lethal!

Next is a fischer Magnetic Tour with a 105" head. "Count Dracula", is what I named it, for it smooth, but deadly feel, when striking an unassuming tennis ball!

Last, is the BIGGEST, BADDEST one of them all, a Prince air-Light 118" , I call,"GODZILLA"! IT has a fantastic 5"x7" long sweet spot now and can put SO much spin on the ball, it should be illegal!

ALL of them work just as I expected...FANTASIC, even without using 'poly' strings, they have more power and spin than when using the standard pattern.
I've added weight to ALL my racquets no, to weigh between 12.5 oz and 13 oz. That makes so much difference in how it handles a ball that comes at you fast and hard, as well as making my serve something to be worried about, From my opponents point of view.

Super-light racquest may FEEL good, when you pick one up in a store, but without adequit weight, you end up over-hitting trying to find the power you expected and now miss from an older, heavier racquet. Maneuverability isn't really compromised, asi have balanced all to have a head-light balance point, that measures to 12-24 points or 1.5 inches to 3.
All frames held up fine, using a pattern that adds 5 lbs. to their tension, with a 42x47 lbs.mains X Cross's tension for all of them.
How does a more open pattern add 5# to their tension?
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