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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
That's the thing. She is not playing to get better per se, she just enjoys playing. She has not really improved in those three years. And I doubt that my club 3.5 team will welcome her in.

I see no possibilities for her to play any competitive league with her current rating.
Ah, come on.

She doesn't have to play to get better. She just has to play, and the getting better part will come. Surely there is a team that needs an enthusiastic warm body ready to play in a pinch?

If nothing else, she can practice with them. That might inspire her to improve a tad and make new friends in the process.

Besides, I would be very surprised if after a season of 6.0 mixed that she still has 2.5 tennis skills. I know I couldn't have handled 6.0 mixed when I was a 2.5 no matter how good my partner was.

She is probably better than you think.
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