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To respond to the list that you made--

New AD at UNC has very high expectations for their teams. The team is not good this year. There is no way around that. They are pitiful at doubles and their 6 spot is the worst it has ever been. They took a weak, weak throw away guy from UCLA who has done nothing. Does not help that women have been absolutely kicking a** for a number of years now. Having said that, I think he gets one more year..especially with their incoming players. Btw, Tripp pees Tar heel blue, so I would say 99% he would not take a job anywhere else, even as an assistant.

-Don't know enough about Texas to comment. It has always seemed to me like their women's coach should be fired. I personally think Texas should be amazing in everything..but i guess easier said than done.
-Iowa coach will most likely retire/resign. Nice guy, but we all know it's time.
-Rumor that Arkansas coach will retire.
-BC didn't really have any scholarship dough before and is not an easy I wouldn't see why that guy goes anywhere
-I also can't see GT firing Kenny. Granted he has had like 3 or so really decent years out of a bunch (best in '10-'11 in sweet 16 and hosted, Spir semid in dubs). But, he was ITA Coach of Year and is pretty well liked.
-Oregon- no idea
-Stanford- no idea, but I doubt it. I know a lot of former players from the good ol days are wondering wtf is going on there this year..although they all said they liked Whit.
-Arizona- I heard that one could open. They have a bad rep for partying in excess and not working hard. You should have a good team there...maybe not amazing..but at least 30-45 every year.
-Clemson Tennis would know better than me, but I heard he needed to make Ncaas or was dunzo. Obviously, they are doing pretty darn well this year.
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