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Originally Posted by FedExpress17 View Post
Im glad Fed is getting some rest. Wouldnt be much use on slow hardcourtsnow anyway given his recent form coupled with his back. Would have liked to see Nadal in Miami though...... Could have had interesting matches with Murray and or Djokovic which would have provided a slight indicator for the upcoming clay season......
I fear for how the clay season will turn out. It's an absolute must that he's 100% fit or the 31 year old won't be able to do much on the physically demanding clay courts against his younger opponents.

He is still #2 now but that can change real quick, as I don't think he will defend his Madrid title. On the other hand, I'm thinking now: Who HAS got something to gain in the clay season. Nadal won everything except Madrid. So even he wins everything he won't take the #2 ranking. Djokovic is already #1 but yeah he can collect some points if he can beat Nadal here and there. Murray can also get points but.. Murray on clay, we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway Federer really needs to lift up his game.. he's only #7 in the ATP race and his 4 week break has just begun.
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