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Originally Posted by goober View Post
I have seen a lot of correct challenges. 30% is from the published statistics given at Wimbledon for correct player challenges.

Men's Women's
Total Number of Challenges 428 191
Number of Correct Challenges 120 49
Number of Incorrect Challenges 308 142
Percentage Overturned 28.04% 25.65%
Avg. Challenges per Match 7.78 4.06

There were 10 players that had 50% overturns based on their challenges. Djoker was not bad either challenging 20 times and getting 9 overturns for 45%
again .. alot of these challenges are used when the player doesnt really expect the call to be overturned ... just because
- its late in the set and you still have 3 left .. it's worth a shot
- just had a long rally and really want a few more seconds to recover
- important point didnt go your way ... what the heck might as well take a chance.

I bet if the pro's only challenged when they really believed the call was wrong the percentages would be much higher, probably 50% or over.
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