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Default Neos 1500, Alpha Apex Plus or Stringway MS200

I'm ready to pull the trigger but information overload has disturbed my sleeping once again. I'm a long time stringer of 22 years who has been stringing on a 2 pt setup for a long time. A couple of things have happened lately that requires me to get another machine and possibly upgrade to a much higher quality unit.

I live in a town of 28,000 and my stinging business has seen an increase to a few racquets a week. Speed is not a huge issue but ease of use seems to be at the top. I've done thorough research and I have narrowed it down to 3, possibly 4 choices.

Neos 1500--If going with 2 pt, this is the mchine I would get
Alpha Apex Plus--Great clamping system but not impressed with the 360 rotational design
Stringway MS200--Constant Pull (Accuracy), Foot lever, Single action T92 clamps, 10 year warranty and it looks fantastic. Cons--Roughly $300 more and availability.

Lastly, there is a gentlemen about 6 hours away selling a Gamma 6500 ELS that is 10 years old that he has string very little on and seems to be in great shape that I could get for $750-pickup only.

Any help would be great.
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