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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
The Volkl C10 has been great for me, but the Organix 10 could be a smart one to check out, too (haven't tried it). I run my C10s with snug synthetic gut and they give me zero discomfort, even if I'm keeping a very busy schedule on the courts. They're a little peculiar, just because they have some flex in their hoops. Although they're a little bit "tip dead" this hasn't been a problem for me at all. As soon as I switched into this racquet, my strokes really came alive, but I've still enjoyed enough of that 6.1 sort of performance with these that I haven't missed those Wilsons at all since my switch.
Played with the O10 325 with leather and og. Big sweetspot, very good vibration dampening, but the hoop seems a bit stiff. Solid on contact but comfortable. For the weight I expected more plowthrough. The C10 seems to be more powerful.

You could exercise your triceps. Low weight with many, slow repetitions. It really helps a lot! Makes your tendons stronger.
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