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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Some still freak out when they hear 42 lbs for poly. Jack Sock plays all poly at 38 lbs in mid+ and has a much faster swingspeed than anyone on TT. Daniel Nestor is playing natural gut mains/poly crosses at 40/38 lbs, and he too has a much faster swingspeed than anyone here.

I play multi mains in the 50-54 range with TF RuffCode poly cross -4 lbs below mains. 52/48 works well.

Try BC around 48/46 and adjust up or down until you reach nirvana. Full poly at 48/46 will play plenty firm and generate loads of spin.
Thank´s guys for the tips. I´m using now 59 lbs (my friends suggestion) and it really feels a bit hard. Next time I`ll put much less and try find the right tension (and nirvana) for me
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