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Originally Posted by gino View Post
Hey fellow one handers,

I am in need of some advice. I am a Div. III college player and I am thinking about switching to something more maneuverable. I also have had elbow problems, namely golfer's elbow. The golfer's elbow was the worst while I played with the Prestige MP, but is flaring up again.

This means abandoning my ol' faithful Wilson 6.1 95 16x18 and I've narrowed it down to three rackets (via play-testing, SW, other specs).

**I'll probably be adding weight to the handle to bring the balance to around 8pts HL

Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95 (16x19)
HEAD Speed Graphene MP (16x19)
Dunlop Biomimetic 3.0 (16x19)
HEAD Youtek IG Radical Pro (16x19)

All three of these rackets have favorable swing weights so a one-hander like myself can really get the racket around for all of my shots.

I've had a pretty extensive racket history so here are the Sparknotes:

2006: nCode Six.One 95 16x18
2007-2009: K-Six.One 96 16x18
2009: Wilson K-Pro Tour
2009-2010: HEAD Youtek Radical MP (I had my best results with this racket, but began to get pushed around due to lack of power)
2010-2011: HEAD MicroGel Prestige
2011: HEAD Youtek Prestige MP
2011: Wilson BLX Six.One 95 (16x18 )
2012: Wilson BLX Six.One 95 (16x18 ) - newest version

Any advice about these rackets would be great. Thanks TT community
More maneuverable doesn't necessarily mean lighter btw.

Prestige MP is somewhat unstable in the loop without some lead, so that may have contributed to your elbow problems.

I'd recommend you take Graphine Pro for a spin - it's got some traits of both Prestige MP and Wilson 95, but is more maneuverable per stability due to better weight distribution.

Graphine S is also an interesting option - a bit softer then PRO, more open pattern if you want "more power", and tons of room to customize.
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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