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Default Playing a squash player tonight! Tactics and strategy???

Helllllllo folks

Playing a best of 3 set tennis match tonight against a classic former-squash player. He was nationally ranked number 1 in squash when under 18, so albeit he is 50 now, he's still fit as a fiddle and a decent tennis player!

His Style:

-Decent flat serve, can place it very well

- Very very very consistent slice backhand, stays very low on Astro or carpet courts. Does not have drive backhand though

- OK forehand, but inconsistent and not much power


- We will play on quite slow hard courts tonight I think, snow still around on astro.

Atmospheric conditions:

- About 1 degree centigrade, outside!
- Around 11mph cross wind

So, let's have it, how do I play him . I haven't hit with him before in this competitive, 17 person singles league we have going. I have my own ideas of how to tackle him, let's see if anyone can corroborate my thoughts!

He's a decent 4.0 standard tennis player, UK 6.2 or thereabouts.

My style is serve dominant....can hit swerve, kick and flat. Forehand is so-so, backhand block\slice is what I tend to default to hitting though my 2-hand backhand is quite solid IF I groove it and have confidence to go for it.

I'm about an LTA 6.1/6.2 standard myself, probably bordering the 2.

Have at it!
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