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I've got the table-top Stringway with the single action clamps. I love it, but here are my beefs:

1. Difficulty clamping the top/bottom crosses on some racquets. It's because of the design of the racquet mounting system that prevents the clamps from being able to clamp the string. So you have to double-pull the top/bottom crosses sometimes.

2. You cannot clamp the first right main with the left clamp and vice versa. Not a huge problem, but a minor annoyance.

3. The tension head can be far away from the racquet sometimes, so make sure you pull plenty of string if you don't want to use a bridge for the last few mains/crosses.

4. It is a bit slow to use, so if you are doing lots of racquets that might be an issue.

5. Racquet mounting is a bit of a pain, but again just a minor annoyance.

I probably wouldn't buy one again, but at the same time it will last me forever and will never have any mechanical parts fail on me.

Are you buying it just for your own racquets or for stringing others too? If you are just stringing for yourself, let me know your racquet and I will tell you if I have ever had any issues with clamping the crosses. It's mostly with Wilson that I have issues.
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