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I play with my mate twice a week. We have long 5 set games, and Id have to say the wins are well and truly in his favour. Hes a massive pusher, but starting to develop an attacking game. He also has a strong return of serve game. Basically he plays a war of attrition, waiting for the unforced error.

The problem is, I ask him if he's keen to just have a hit around and work on some key errors, like second serves which Im struggling in, and his non existant one handed backhand. But he just wants to play games.

I feel its kind of becoming detrimental to both of our development. While we're both making some good improvements, bad habits and recurring mistakes frequently pop up.

I just want to practice!!!! But dont want to lose my hitting partner...I dont really know anyone else who would want a hit very often. My goal is to start playing pennants tennis soon but there is only so much a wall or an empty court can give help me with some areas of my game!
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