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Originally Posted by Roddick85 View Post
Does it ever happen that you play somebody new and that person doesn't know how to properly warm-up? I was at my club last week, attending the singles league and they're was this new guy that showed for the first time, he looked like someone that has been playing tennis for a while, however he was probably a 2.5, maybe 3.0 at best on a good day, but that doesn't really matter.

When I started to warm-up with that guy, the only shot he could hit was drop shots that would fall maybe 1 or 2 feet in front of the net, when i'm standing at the baseline... After a few times I thought OK i'm just going to stand closer to the service line and try to rally, but then he started to hit angles to pass me. I tried to talk to him a bit, but the guy wouldn't even respond and had that kinda arrogant look. I ended up changing warm up partners and he played with the lesser skilled players, but still i'm puzzled to see people act like that.
We have a competitive league, weakest players are 3.5 and strongest solid 5.0, so usually people know proper etiquette for warming up.

I think people who play tennis generally know that when your warming up, you try to keep the ball in the center and not go for big angles and you try to keep the ball deep enough. Then you warm up volleys/smashes and then a few serves, what you see on TV basically. The whole idea is just to warm-up your muscles, not tire yourself out before even starting, but it seems some people have completely missed that.

Ever had something similar happen to you?
We are talking about apples and oranges here, read the original post that started the thread above. That's what I'm responding to. On your own time, you can do whatever you want to, but in the 5, 7 or 10 minutes, after the coin-flip, just before a match, the OP has outlined the proper conventional "warm-up" procedure, automatically done by tournament players around the world.

If you want to do your personal pre-"warm-up" practice, for the real match warm-up, standing on your head with your buddy, that's fine with me. But, if you come-up to the net, before a tournament match and expect me to do mini-tennis with you, I'm just going to laugh at you under my breath, and say this guy has no clue and you'll be giving me a big boost in confidence before even playing a point. I'll be saying to myself, how much more is this guy ignorant of proper technique, footwork, timing, tactics and strategy?

If you're so delicate that you're going to pull a muscle by hitting a real tennis stroke from the baseline, then find a pro who knows how to teach you the proper stroke technique, so you don't have chronic tennis elbow. Or, do a slow ten minute jog around the block to warm up your delicate body.

What good does it do you to go up to the net, jumping around like Tracey Austin, practicing something that you will never use once the match gets started?--are you really a serve/volleyer?--most players today are serve/"retreaters". All that jumping around didn't do Tracey any good, her career was meteorically short lived and she went out with "back-problems". All your tennis points are going to begin at the baseline, I want to get "calibrated in" for the match from there.
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