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Hey everyone,

So I've hit with the Sweet Spotter and here are my thoughts:

- People think the sweet spot is hitting the ball in the center of the strings, but that's not true. You have to hit the ball in the center of the strings AND have the correct body position (posture, balance, etc.) AND correct relationship between the racket and the body.

The Sweet Spotter is extremely unforgiving, and that's a good thing. The only way you'll get the ball to go in is if you hit the "true" sweet spot. You can't cheat like you can with a racket, where you can get the ball to go in even if you catch it late, you're off balance, etc., as long as you hit in the center of the strings. So the several suggestions above about using a racket with a small racket head won't work.

The circular shape prevents cheating. You HAVE to be perfect.

- An unexpected benefit of hitting with it was a longer, more complete swing thanks to the weighting. For example, my follow through on my backhand was longer after I used the Sweet Spotter, and I had more racket head speed (re: the last point, was the same on the forehand). I think this could be especially big for all of you who "stop short" on your swings. Pretty common problem at the recreational level.

- One drawback (which I've talked with Yann about) is that you spray balls all over the place, and can golf them (FOUR!) over the fence. In a country club or public facility setting this is obviously problematic. I suggested to Yann that he use quick start (low compression) balls to reduce spraying but I haven't gotten any feedback on the results.

I'm excited about the potential for this thing. As with any prototype, some tweaks are necessary, but I definitely noticed a positive difference after hitting with it for about 15 minutes and watched a significant amount of before / after footage Yann shot of recreational players - the benefits were very clear.

Hope that helps,

Will Hamilton
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