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Originally Posted by Pet View Post
Yes, too many times I have worked in finding tennis tips here and there, or simply i can imagine it, can be successful to me game. Many of them works only for one day, one week,...

I think that the important factor to be a good player are the total amount of training and not the surreal holy grail advise or tips.
Practice makes perfect, but imperfect practice makes for poor playing.

I'm a bit biased as I'm self trained, but I think tips, advise is huge, don't discount it. I think you have to take the totality of advice then take what makes sense for you.

I'm reading a book for review for my son, it's awesome, 50 mental techniques, and one thing stands out, we must make tennis OUR GAME, not someone else's.

An example is a baseliner giving advice to a all court player or vice versa, it's not going to jive.
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