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Given that your opponents have a staggered position after a successful lob, tells me they aren't very aggressive, or immobile, so you don't have to worry about deuce court player sneaking up to the net after you've committed to the shot. Hitting a good running backhand lob consistently is not 4.0 (or even 4.5) territory, nor is it a good option. Slice or topspin down the line to the player on the baseline is best shot by far, actually aim at the middle of the service line on deuce side for a high percentage shot. Note that your partner should get back to the baseline with you, since you want to avoid being staggered at all costs. In general, when your opponents are staggered, the recipe is simple, if you're at the net, hit at the net player, if you're at the baseline, hit back to the baseline player. At 4.0+ level, lob only makes sense when both opponents are up and you are not capable of placing topspin or hard-slice down the middle of the court.
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