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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Forget power. The only thing you'll find looking for more power from racquets is less control. Seek For power in string; settle for great feel and control in racquets.
Originally Posted by anubis View Post
IF you like your current racquets, then increase the weight in a polarized fashion. Add weight to the handle and the head (12:00 noon), which increases swingweight, which increases power.

If you are not happy with your racquet, then use TW's racquet power comparison tool and put your top 3 choices along with your racquet it on there. it will tell you how much more powerful something is. Find a bunch that fit your requirements and then demo them.
Yes to both statements above. Inherent racquet power is almost directly related to one factor, and one factor alone... and that one factor is swing weight. Head size and flex matter slightly at the tip and the sides, but mostly it's just racquet head speed and swing weight that are the issues here. So there is no real mystery about what is slightly more powerful than X or Y racquet.

If you'd like to swing faster, and get your juice that way, a lighter frame will help you to do that, and you will get some additional spin out of the deal. Swinging faster might also increase your unforced errors if it pops you out of your timing groove too much.

If you'd like to swing the same speed, but add a bit more pop, a higher sw will help you do that. You will get increased comfort, and increased stability on off center shots as a side bennie out of that bargain.

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