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Surely someone has played with this combo! Am I going to have to demo another racquet now?!?

I'm going to be playtesting the Blade 98 again tonight. It plays fairly similar to the Extreme Pro 2, but not quite as forgiving. I'm going to change the strings on my EP2 back to Sonic Pro and play with it for a few weeks. The volleying on that frame is quite feel like you can hit anywhere on the court. It's just a bit more demanding than the Juice in terms of weight on the groundies. However, I should also note that the EP2 I received weighs about 4 grams heavier than spec.

Originally Posted by spinovic View Post
Reviews I've read of the G Speed Pro often describe it as "polarized". I'm not sure what that means, but it seems like it would mean that the racquet feels like most of the weight is in the opposite ends of the racquet.

I certainly wouldn't describe the Extreme as polarized. It feels solid and well-balanced to me.

You would think the open pattern on the Extreme would make it a little more powerful and easier to produce spin, but the Speed got good ratings in both those categories as well.

I just figured the biggest differences were in how the weight was distributed through the racquet, since that is supposed to be the thing with Graphene...its strength allows the weight to be placed differently.

Still, can't help but be curious based on the nearly identical specs.
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