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Originally Posted by IgnatusP View Post
Yes, it would be difficult. But imagine it's August and Nadal has just won 2 slams convincingly. Wouldn't you start wondering if he could actually run the course? I imagine Federer would start feeling uncomfortable if that were to happen.
We all wondered if Federer could win 25 Slams before Nadal figured out grass and hards. We all wondered if Nadal was going to clean house again after his monumental 2010 and then Djokovic 2.0 came out of nowhere!
There's so much tennis to be played, it's not even worth discussing.
And who is to say that Nadal's own Slam record is safe? Djokovic is racking them up lately and he's not even close to stopping by the looks of it. PLUS he's younger than Nadal and far less injury prone.
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