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Originally Posted by o0lunatik View Post
Hi TT community,

I have been using kelvar/syngut/poly hybrid for the past decade, and it has taken its toll on my arm. After and endless search for a comfortable full poly setup, I have settled and been using Tier1 Firewire for a couple of months in a hybrid crossed with BB Bomber NYC and am loving the easy access to spin, controllable power, and feel.

I have tried a full bed of Firewire and found it very lively, powerful (too much for me), ball bite, and moderately crisp. Unlike many other shaped strings (hex, pentagon, hepta, etc) that I have tried in the past, Firewire has a very distinctive triangular shaped profile. The edges are sharp & pointy giving it real easy access to spin, whereas other shaped strings has rounded edges reducing max spin potential. The durability of this string is amazing without sacrificing feel. It's unlike any other strings that I've played with. You will have to try it for yourself to believe it.

To my suprise, one string that I have not tried is the Solinco Tour Bite and am wondering if anyone who had tried both strings could share their experience in terms of spin production. You can disregard all other charateristics.
You nailed it perfectly in your description of Firewire. I beleive that spin is close but firewire being a bit more lively is better for the lower power player. I will say that Tourbite a bit more spin but may be more cause of it being lower powered (actually that goes hand in hand IMHO). Firewire is VERY lively for a poly even in the higher tension ranges. I am going to write a review on the three tier-one strings shortly, actually follow up on a previous review.
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