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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Hey TenS_Ace!

Marvin actually moved to the big Royal this past year! Coach Corey is the one who is filming and working with me. I swear, Saville has some of the best coaching in Canada, it's great here.

Haha, then you know the struggles of box league!

Let me know if you're up for a hit one of these days! I believe I emailed you a while back, correct? I hope you're doing well, and that you will be able to get on court soon!

Yupp you did email me! Corey is an awesome coach, had him while I was at the Saville, along with carson Bell. Yah, Coach Marvin is here at the RGC. I can only hit for about 3 minutes so far BUT I will take you up later!! Cheers mate!
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