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Originally Posted by Superior_Forehand
Man, you hit it right on the money with this one man. The Pusher Retriever is usually very passive agressive. They feed off your anger and negative energy, delighting in your mental anguish. After the match, they are always so friendly too! lol
I used to be a pusher retriever for the first year I started playing tennis. I rarely lose to my friends who've played all their lives. It insults them especially when I had just picked up tennis a couple of summers ago. I'd try less just to make the score less lopsided.

After winning two tournaments against guys with way better looking strokes than mine I've started taking lessons in order to compete in open tourneys.

My style now is all-court and S&V when my 1st sevres are on. Believe it or not I hate playing pushers now. They messes with my smooth strokes with their soft high balls. In order to beat them you must be patient with your attack.
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