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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
That's old school method of starting, and nothing wrong with that although many stringers will back up that clamp with the starting clamp for extra security

No time to be picky here. Strings need to be cut out asap. While I would not teach anyone who's starting stringing to cut out the strings like that, in pro stringing rooms that method is fairly common practice.


I'm of a similar opinion. When you've got a pile 20 deep of frames, you aren't going to cut with flush cutters one or two strings at a time from the inside out. I take scissors (or house shears) and snip out ~4 strings in any direction from the center out in a plus shape (at best). Approx two or three cuts per direction. If I'm stringing at home, I approach it a little differently.

As far as untensioned mains, I think the yusuki style mains starting only gained popularity (among 'enthusiast' stringers) in the last few years (give or take). I would imagine it's still relatively unpopular from a global/big picture scale.

Originally Posted by mr_fro2000 View Post
so is the consensus that pulling hard to tie and cinch knots is actually NOT necessary? drakulie mentioned that pulling hard is not needed. What do you guys do?
To tie specifically, no. You may need to give some sturdy pressure if you're pulling out slack (outside the frame). Simply fixing the string where it won't un-tie requires VERY LITTLE force. I did find the pulling duration for the knot a tiny bit concerning in the video, but nothing to be overly worried about. Avoid slack and you're fine.
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