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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
thanks for posting. whats the price tag?

I rememver when Tech was going to make a protable machine, with a traveling case. Any news on that, or did they scrub the idea?

I've always wanted to get a set of the stringing tools, but haven't been able to do so.
No price set yet! an Ergo runs almost $11,000 base and tops out just under $14,000 and TF6000 is just over $7000 - so thinking close to what the Ergo runs! Not cheap - but the software and touchscreen so easy - TEC looking to add a feature that allows you to keep your hands on the string and use an automated action via an electric switch buy your foot to pull tension.....!!!!

The tool set in the soft carry bag? Runs about $400.......Still available and can get them in France and some parts of Europe.

We didn't talk about the portable unit - last I heard it was still being discussed.
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