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Hm, playstyles I usually classify opponents to:
1) Allrounder - um, all-court, flexibility-based, advanced, usually has aggressive baseline/counterpunch/netrush alternatives to choose
2) Aggressive Baseliner - major time spent at baseline, seeks to gain dominance in positioning, attempting winners on opportunity, putting opponent on defense, usually has a forehand and/or backhand weapon
3) Counterpuncher - huge consistency, major time spent at baseline, seeks to get every return with minimal attackability, pace of returns seldom goes above a limit, often has good return of serve
4) Netrusher - uses serve&volley and approach&charge as weapons, has superior volleying and overhead skills, often accompanied with good height/reach and superior serve
5) Spinmeister - uses extraordinary amount of spin as weapon, often has very wristy technique, uses very loopy topspin, backspin that bounces backward, poor footwork and thus sky-high lob recoveries, uses power-based rackets, very rare
6) Senior - common old man's tennis, good placement, uses mostly flat and slice shots, uses power-based rackets, poor footwork
7) Pusher - common rookie young man's tennis, often deficient in stroke technique, uses very compact strokes that are often flat or slice, get-ball-back-in-play-based, sometimes can be subclassified as moonballer, some are grinders and extraordinarily good at getting-ball-back-in-play, personally I think those like to self-classify as counterpuncher
8 ) Bye - free win, double faults a lot, gives lots of free points, blasting returns way out, etc, personally I think certain types of byes like to self-classify as aggressive baseliner

Just my input.
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