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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
and toly is saying a larger beta angle for a fh will give more topspin?
He is, but I think he is in the realm of the x and y axes. My confusion started when he said that a pistol grip won't get as much beta angle as a hammer grip after posting , where Fish uses a pistol grip (based on a google image search) and got the 90 degrees of beta angle as described by toly in that post. He went on to prove this by showing the naturally higher beta angle of the hammer grip just from resting in the hand, which does occur, but in the same plane as a serve (x and y axes). So to me, it looks like post 26 we were on the same page, and then he changed his definition of beta angle for the forehand. In my mind, that beta angle from has nothing to do with a forehand (my example being the picture of the bryan bro and the pouring water). I would think the important beta angle was between the x and z axes, so the greater the angle, the more of a right angle the racquet and forearm make. This seems to be the position used when hitting the ball far out in front of the body, regardless of the combination of grips you're using. Even I was able to get the position (as shown in the snapshot on that great feeling shot from my 2nd uploaded video) haha
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