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Originally Posted by Bmr View Post
Surely someone has played with this combo! Am I going to have to demo another racquet now?!?

I'm going to be playtesting the Blade 98 again tonight. It plays fairly similar to the Extreme Pro 2, but not quite as forgiving. I'm going to change the strings on my EP2 back to Sonic Pro and play with it for a few weeks. The volleying on that frame is quite feel like you can hit anywhere on the court. It's just a bit more demanding than the Juice in terms of weight on the groundies. However, I should also note that the EP2 I received weighs about 4 grams heavier than spec.
Let us know how you find the comparison w/the Blade. I recently played the Extreme Pro version - one prior to present 2.0 version - and found it hits really nicely from the backcourt in terms of oomph and big spin, pretty solid, not such bad feel. However, balance/weighting felt a bit sluggish, a bit 'off' somehow.
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