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Originally Posted by TheRed View Post
Djokovic needs rhythm and Haas + wind did not give it to him. Haas played brilliantly, coming to the net, staying back, looping a forehand, flattening it out, etc.
A match like this makes me wonder. I'm definitely not one of those guys that think players from 20 years ago were better, or get into a which generation of players is better guy (I'm not a young guy), but it makes me wonder how players from the last generation, ones who were just as comfortable at the net (I don't mean serve and volleyers exactly), how would they do consistently against these top guys.
Those players would do fine, I doubt full blown serve and volley would be a viable tactic today (because of slower conditions mostly) but all-court tennis (think say Becker or Sampras) always was and always will be very effective.

"Game always evolves and today's players are stronger, faster, better bla bla bla" is just nonsense that media talking heads sell to their audience, many people like to feel that what they're witnessing right now is the greatest thing ever and media plays on that.
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