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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Haas was just the better player on the day... if Novak can accept this, why can't you guys?
I agree. It happens. Even the best player loses occasionally. Djokovic has lost 2 matches in 4 tournaments to good players. Nobody plays their best game all the time and when the top guys lose, it is typically a combination of them having an off night and the other guy playing well. Such was the case last night. It is also true that the top guys still win most of the time even when they aren't playing their best...that is one of the things that makes them great, so last night was an excellent win for Tommy Haas.

I also didn't think Djokovic tanked the match. I thought he was grinding out there trying to get back into the match. He fought tooth and nail on a couple of service games in the second set to stay within one break of Haas. If he was tanking, he would have let one or both of those games go, IMO.

At this point, Haas' game isn't terribly different from Federer's in some ways, and Federer typically plays Djokovic tough. Not saying Haas is on Fed's level, but he has a lot of variety, OHBH, an excellent slice BH, etc. Many of the same tools Federer possesses that allows him to play Djokovic very tough. So, it shouldn't be a shock that when Haas is on and Djokovic is a little off, he could pull the upset.

Let's not forget, this is the same guy who beat Roger in a grass court final a couple weeks before he hoisted his 7th Wimbledon trophy. He is capable of beating anyone.
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