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Originally Posted by its_me_leon View Post
Totally agree, ... and their clamps aren't on the same level as Wilson or Babolat.
Having that said. I have never heard of a broken down Tecnifibre machine!
Babolat can learn something from that.

Also the toolkit is not remotely droolworthy. The Tecnifibre starting clamp is absolutely terrible, poorly made, with a big gap, without diamond dusting, looks very crudely made, with extremely poor holding power. It's the worst starting clamp I can ever remember using. The present-day Babolat starting clamp is the gold standard. The Tecnifibre cam action pliers are fine, but definitely not an improvement over the Babolat cam action pliers. I care for neither the Tecnifibre nor the Babolat "stringbed cutters." The Tecnifibre longnose pliers are unremarkable; same for the Tecnifibre awls. For widening grommet holes you can't go wrong with a cheap awl like the Gamma awl, as long as it's smooth. For a straightening awl the R-A-B or Kimony is good.

When something, like Tecnifibre or Pacific stringing machines and tools, is not widely available somewhere, people are naturally more curious. Neither is so special.

Good point on machine reliability!
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