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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Let us know how you find the comparison w/the Blade. I recently played the Extreme Pro version - one prior to present 2.0 version - and found it hits really nicely from the backcourt in terms of oomph and big spin, pretty solid, not such bad feel. However, balance/weighting felt a bit sluggish, a bit 'off' somehow.
The Blade seemed a bit stiff to me and not as crisp when hitting through the strokes. I'm thinking it's just the string, because when I hit with my friend's Aero with the RPM Blast it produced a similar sensation on contact. Also, I've noticed when you hit shots closer to the throat of this racquet it produces a weird vibration, even with the dampener on. Strange. I prefer the balance to be a bit more groundies are really dependent on me getting through the ball quick.

Kinda weird, I would think we would be pretty much aligned on this racquet seeing as how we've played with such similar frames.

Broke strings in 2 racquets last night, hah! The Savage in the Juice only lasted like 8 hours this time, if that.
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