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Yeah, I'm not too sure this one was due to wind or conditions. I've seen Djokovic play in wind before and have no trouble.

That being said, I didn't see him adjusting for the wind either. Which is his mistake. The guy kept going for sideline shot after sideline shot. I don't care who you are, you just cannot do that. When you play in wind, you have to slow the ball down a little bit and aim a bit safer. He lacked a lot of the patience in this match that he displays in other matches.

Haas on the other hand adjusted beautifully and played percentage tennis. He came to the net quite often to finish points instead of trying to do it from the baseline. He also served very well.

I still don't think Haas is that great of a player. Certainly no better than Hewitt, Roddick, or Davydenko. But I thought he played very well in this match. I'm not sure what was in Djokovic's head tonight... but it wasn't tennis.
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