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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
Great fun in those cars (and Maserati during the Citroen years) when the hydraulics have a catastrophic failure. The driver probably considered you a soft landing spot -- totally acceptable for a Deux Chevaux.

Track day brake failure in a Merak was one of the scariest moments in my life.
I remember friends (in our teens and 20's) who had 2CV's and when we couldnt find a parking spot or if it was too small you could use the "handles" on the bumper and lift the thing and carry it into a spot!!!!!! engine was like a lawnmower motor!

Did you know that in the States there is a huge club dedicated to the 2CV???? folks find and bring over what they can find and rebuild and run around in those things!!! the seats were nothing more than glorified lawn chairs.......good stuff
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