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Originally Posted by pvw_tf View Post
I have a Tecnifibre Stringing machine since 1984, it is still in perfect working condition. Never one part broke down. Not one sharp edge which can damaged or broke a string.

Expensive at first maybe. If you only do a few rackets a week. Mine has been a workhorse for 15 years and now used for 2 to 3 rackets a week.

The folks that I know here in the states that use the TF machines say same......MUCH better build quality and rock solid for years. But a TF 6000 price is double to a star 5 - thats a big hit on a small shop - for two TF 6000 your in at over 15,000 (add the options and it only goes up) - you can get 4 star 5s at that..........

Im really debating on pulling the trigger on a TF new (god if i could find a used one...) or the Babolat.......for home use (20 to 30 sticks per week) each would be fine but I know the TF will last 20yrs for me.
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