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Originally Posted by kkm View Post
Also the toolkit is not remotely droolworthy. The Tecnifibre starting clamp is absolutely terrible, poorly made, with a big gap, without diamond dusting, looks very crudely made, with extremely poor holding power. It's the worst starting clamp I can ever remember using. The present-day Babolat starting clamp is the gold standard. The Tecnifibre cam action pliers are fine, but definitely not an improvement over the Babolat cam action pliers. I care for neither the Tecnifibre nor the Babolat "stringbed cutters." The Tecnifibre longnose pliers are unremarkable; same for the Tecnifibre awls. For widening grommet holes you can't go wrong with a cheap awl like the Gamma awl, as long as it's smooth. For a straightening awl the R-A-B or Kimony is good.
Tech must have changed the tools. The last time I used tech tools (starting clamp, cam action) they were identical to the older model babolats, which IMO, are the best. The starting clamp however, had a bit more rounded head. Other that that, was the same.
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