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I mainly play with the Firewire strings and am enjoying it a lot in a hybrid setup with a low-medium powered string like Bomber NYC or SPPP. It is very lively as you had mentioned in a full bed setup and can get somewhat uncontrollable for a hard hitter. There's still ample power hybrid, easy access to spin especially on a kick or topspin serve. Ball pocketing and bite are excellent regardless of tension. I truly agree with your experience with all three of the Tier One strings, for I have tried them all. I stick to Firewire, b/c in my hands, it makes me too hot for many to handle.

I am glad that someone has given Tier One some more recognition. Their customer service is very friendly and speedy. It doesn't seem like they have much of the string market, but I do wish them success. They do offer premium products and priced at $90 a reel that outperforms most of its competitors of equal and doubled in value. Not to name any names, b/c other opinions may vary when it comes to string preference. They may have been laggers in the market, but obviously they've done their research prior to releasing their product. Ha! I guess that one advantage of being a laggart.

Happy playing y'all!
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