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Thanks TW & Babolat! This has been a fun playtest.

Tennis experience/background: Playing for 7 years, played competitive junior tennis in Florida including High school tennis. Now I don't play competitively.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): I'm a counterpuncher, very consistent, like to wear people down.

Current shoe: Babolat Propulse 4? Before this I was using Nike Breathe 2k11. I definitely like the Propulses more.

How many hours did you play with the shoe? 25 hours playing tennis, but all on clay. Also used these for running, which was maybe 6 hours.

Comments on shoe performance:
-comfort: Very comfortable, but not too cushy. I even used these for running track and they were comfortable.

-arch support: Almost perfect, wish the arch was a little further back. But the height is perfect. I have a low-medium arch.

-stability/support: Very good, but I really had to use the straps! The heel is REALLY wide, but the front of the shoe is perfect. Hope the straps don't break!

-ventilation: Not the best part of the shoe, not as good as my 2k11s. I'd say its average. My feet didn't get wet, just really hot.

-sole durability: Nothing's worn down, but I play on clay only. Not even slight signs of wear.

-toe durability: Not a toe dragger, so no signs of wear. However, the toe does not look that sturdy, but I wouldn't be able to test that.

-traction: I was surprised with the traction on clay. Since it wasn't a standard herringbone sole, I thought it wouldn't be good. Turns out it's better than my 2k11s, as no clay gets stuck in the tread.

-weight: Slightly on the heavy side, but I didn't mind for tennis. Felt it for running, but that's what running shoes are for!

General reaction/comments on overall performance: I really liked this shoe, but thought the fit was funky. The heel was way too wide, the forefoot was perfect. Also, these either run small, or the 2k11s run big. Both are size 11, but these were definitely smaller.
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