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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Thanks everyone.

Injuries suck.

Maybe slicing a bit more often would be a good start, indeed. I'll try that first.
A 1-handed slice might be the ticket. It has a pretty wide range of contact points possible -- low shots, high shots, further from the body, or very close to the body (if you get jammed). It can be hit with a (extreme) closed, neutral or semi-open stance without needing extra recovery steps. The 1-handed topspin might be a bit more difficult to hit if you get jammed. It also requires a contact point that is ideally further forward. It may be more difficult to hit very low shots or very high shots (unless your name is Gasquet). It can be hit with a (very) closed stance or a stance that is close to neutral w/o extra recovery steps.

The 2-handed BH may require you to get into a better position to hit the ball since it has less reach and is difficult to hit body shots. This would entail better footwork or more steps. If you hit the 2-hander with a stance that is very closed it will usually require you to take a couple of extra recovery steps unless you hit the shot without body rotation (not advised unless it is an emergency). It does have an advantage on late contact points (i.e., the ball gets past your front foot). This is also an emergency situation which will cause your to "arm" the ball rather then use proper body rotation.
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