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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
It's been a bit of a culture shock in Austin where there are NO tennis specialty shops...after being a tennis bum in Atlanta for over two decades! I can believe some diehards would drive down for good service . I know we have individual stringers at some of the parks/clubs; but nothing like the shops back in GA. Even Golf s m i t h has gotten out of tennis. Good thing I'm 99% retired.
It is strange about Austin.......someone has to be doing the sticks for ATA, St Edwards, UT....etc and even for Roddick and Harrison (not really sure if they use a service like P1 or RPNY).
I know most of the players at Roddick/Lavalle use Rich and his guys in SAT - I do think the tennis scene a bit more organized/established in San Antone.

Look even in Houston with 4 shops now I would trust my sticks to about 3 or 4 who work in any of those shops.
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