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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
The folks that I know here in the states that use the TF machines say same
I am originally from Europe. One or other way there is a difference between USA strings and stringing machines and what is used in Europe.

When I bought mine (1984), I had the choice between Babolat and Tecnifibre and some other basic machines. Properly offending some or more other stringers. Do not like the Ektelon type of machine. Worked on it. Just never had the feeling it was solid enough. Done rackets up to 40 Kg, do not ask why it needed to be that high, but never felt uncomfortable or afraid doing it on the Tecnifibre.
I selected the Tecnifibe over the Babolat mainly because of the single action clamps and it was just more "simplistic" to use.

Worked last year on the Wilson Baiardo, interesting, fancy, did not have the feeling it gave me more, but should do at least a 100 rackets on it to be able to judge it. And that is not going to happen

Just to give one detail.
Wanted to post a picture but that looks like a bit more work. But the inside of the "screw-nut" to set the clamp tighter contains cylindrical roller bearings. The special stuff is in the small not direct visible details.

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