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If you want to transfer to Georgetown or Villanova for academic reasons that's great, those are good schools, but you are an adult now and maybe it's time to let go of the DI tennis pipe dream. You probably won't even get a response from the coaches at Georgetown or Villanova. Junior/Senior year transfers are heavily scrutinized because they are typically expected to be experienced players who you can insert in the lineup and can contribute right away. No matter what you do in the next year, you would still be a project because you have so little competitive experience and time is not on your side.

Maybe find out if they have a walk-on tournament, but even if you do win the walk-on tournament outright that's still not a guarantee that you've made the roster or will ever see playing time. Have you looked into club tennis or USTA Tennis on Campus at your school or those schools? That might be a better fit for you.

If you insist on holding on to the college tennis dream then one guy you might want to connect with on here is tennisjon. He's a DIII coach in NJ and he seems to be open minded about talking to or taking a look at players with unconventional backgrounds. Best of luck to you. If college tennis doesn't work out, you can still play and enjoy the sport for the rest of your life.
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