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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Just a thought. If you are new to stringing, why get a Wise??
A Wise is typically for those that have a lockout, (and some drop weights) ,
and want to upgrade it to electronic with the Wise add on.
Would you not be better served just getting an electronic right from the beginning, as those machines are designed that way to be electronic.
I really don't buy the idea that some say if the power goes out you have a crank, as if the power goes out, last thing on your mind is stringing anyways.
I want to keep things as small as possible, without the lady screaming her head off.

Add to the fact, I can easily get away with the price for a manual stringer and adding the wise later without her noticing.

Back to the topic, which stringer would allow a 360 turn? Is it all that necessary?
I am totally clueless about stringers, I don't even know the benefits of having a 2, 4 or 6 point clamp. I just want to know which stringer is most reliable, and works seamlessly and accurately well with the wise.
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