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These kind of post always are curious to me. Do former H.S. football players think the same like this sometimes about playing DI ball as a walk on (Rudy)? I wonder if these post are real and if folks are just baiting the conversation. But at the same time know kids (goron ace would say young adults) have dreams. Kids should pursue their dreams for a number of reasons. For many dreams to come true it takes hard work. Going after your dreams teaches reality. Those who go about pursuing their dreams learn to plan, set goals, persistence and fortitude.

I know a kid who successfully played DIII tennis, transfered to DI school to play on their tennis team. The coaches were ok with him being a walk on because he was a good player and worked hard. He even won a summer college doubles tournament and many matches during the fall seasons, during the spring, I don't recall him ever playing a dual match or traveling with the team in the spring.

If you can play, and really want to walk on, work hard on your game and fitness now and though the summer. Take the advice here an play tournaments. Then let us know how it goes next fall.
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