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Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post
Ok guys! The G Speed Pro and the Extrem Pro 2.0 is not the same in any category.

The G Speed Pro is a frame where, imo, you have to hit pretty much everything in the sweetspot to make a good shot. If not, you can really feel the vibrations from the offcenter hit.
The spin is ok, not more. You dont get any free spin from the GSP and most noticable is this at 2nd serves.
Power is ok in GSP, but you really have to work and be a good player to get full advantage of the GSP.

The IG Extreme Pro 2.0 on the other hand is very easy and comfortable to play with. It feels very crisp and the power level is very good but it also offers a good control. Spin is wicked and you dont need to work that much to make a god shot with the EP2.0
Offcenter hits is hardly not noticable and you will make much more good shots with the 2.0

If you are a player with flat, hard strokes and flat or sliced serves i would recommend the GSP but if you are more of a topspin player and/or not have the 100 % perfect hit at the ball, then i would say go with the 2.0. When my wif was watching me play with a IG Radical Pro and a Extreme Pro 2.0 she said i played much more solid and hit much better shots with the 2.0 and put much more preassure on my opponent.
As it's the one remaining frame from last year I wanted to take a look at but never got round to, it's good to hear your feedback re the Ex Pro 2.0, Hank. You going to stick with it for a bit?
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