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Default Tennis leg-shoe connection?

Trying to sort out the shoe-gastroc tear connection...

I am a fit 40 yr-old woman with a midlife love affair with tennis. I have been playing 4-5x a week for about 18 months with the only injury being some (predictable) knee tendonitis related to a chronic IT band issue after years of running a lot and stretching very little. I fixed the tendonitis w/ PT. And recently, I changed shoes in an attempt to address pronation, also an issue in my knee.

I went from T22s to a Barricade (5.0) and immediately got crazy sore feet and a minorly sore lower calf. Added insoles and the foot soreness went away but sore calf continued. Saw PT and got the okay to play as long as warmed up, etc. Two days later, Grade 2 strain of the gastroc--the kind of bang! and you immediately can't walk injury. Am on the slow road to recovering from that, with plenty of good PT, etc.

As I recover, want to address the shoe question. I'm curious if anyone has else experienced added strain with the added traction of a tournament grade hard court shoe. The traction from the Barricade is amazing--I'm a squeaky animal out there, but could it be overkill for me?

Thoughts and reactions are thoughts on footwear that combines pronation, high arch issues and reasonable traction?

See this note from the Atlanta Sports MEd Ctr:
"due to the superior foot traction a tennis player obtains utilizing good tennis shoes and playing on a specifically-designed surface, it is not uncommon for sudden and abrupt changes of direction to bring about a tear in the calf muscle."
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