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Originally Posted by USS Tang View Post
Continental grip can be used for topspin...if you're reallly good. Check out any Ilie Nastase video. He did it with the wood, 65 sq. in. head Dunlop Maxply Forte, no less.
I can use scissors to cut my grass -- but it's inefficient. Yea, On occasion I've used shears (big scissors) to cut some blades of grass I could not get to with the mower. Still the weed whacker is best for that. Anyway...

Sure you could use a continental for a forehand but I'd do my best to convince any new player to not use it for forehand topspin. It's just not designed for that shot. You can easily slice or block fast serves back with it. I do both (but I'm a net guy so it's natural) but that's for fast stuff. For any shot you have time to set up on to hit topspin, a continental grip is the worst choice.

Originally Posted by USS Tang View Post
BevelDevil, to answer your question, I use the continental grip because I was taught that way in the early 1960s. Never have to change my grip on any stroke.
Now in your case, as you've been using the continental grip for 50 years, well, that's the grip you should use. You've had it most of your life and it's worked so why change it? Yet for the tennis noobs we all know we can't have a good conscience if we don't try to tell them there are vastly better choices for the topspin forehand.
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