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Thanks. I'm trying to stay away from stiffer frames, so that's why I chose the Gold. I like the low swing weight so that I can really whip it around to generate spin. Not too concerned about power though. I actually found the 2013 APD to be rather low powered. If I slowed down my swing enough, the ball really didn't travel very far or fast.
Ok guys. I've been away, testing the Gold dual core 99 vs Blue X 99 vs Platinum X 94 vs DC Platinum 94 and 99.

To begin with, I thought that i wanted a super stable, fairly flexible 11.5 to 12.5 oz racquet with a high swingweight. But, with a torn labrum in right shoulder, a heavy racquet with a high swingweight tugged at the joint when i took a full swing serving.

I put the 5g butt cap weight in the blue 99 and plat 94. It made it more head light and gave me more whip through contact point on serve. These 2 racquets are the most dynamic in my opinion. With a clean stroke, these are nasty. Great power, spin, defense and precision. However, my stroke needs more work. I'm inconsistent right now and am not ready for these racquets. I need something a little more forgiving.

The Gold 99 has been covered and I would agree with most of the comments. It is very consistent, reliable and smooth. I want something more dynamic. But if you hit medium pace shots and are looking for the ability to hit a consistent ball with depth and control, this will get the job done all day long.

I am now playing with the DC Platinum 94. It has a perfect swingweight, while being very maneuverable from all areas of the court. It's heavy, but I can hit just about any ball late and still catch up to it with this racquet. I did replace the grip with a Dunlop leather grip, with no slide weights or butt cap weights. The DC Plat 99 is a little more forgiving, but I prefer the 94, based on the fact that it forces me to drive through the ball. I have an extreme full western grip and my forehand can get wild at times. The DC Platinum 94 forces me to have better technique on my groundstrokes and it pays off. I am using a full bed of Tourna Quasi gut 16g at 56 lbs.
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