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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
What's the fastest way to measure the short and long sides of your string before stringing? I assume you don't put a super long tape measure on the floor and pull your strings to match... that's what I've been doing. There must be a better way.
Fool proof way. Assuming you are measuring from a set. Measure half as many mains, i.e.; 16 mains measure 8 lengths from the top (head) of the racket to the throat. That point from the end of the string is your short side and the middle of your mains. The rest is the long side.

One more thing, if the mains start at the throat, add one length. That point will be at the top of the racket on the opposite side of the short side. I hope that makes sense.

If you are doing a two piece, you can just double up the length of the mains. Crosses are measure from side to side in the same fashion.

I don't like using the fixed length of the racket (27") because racket heads vary from model and brands.
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