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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
It appears to me, thus far anyway, that the "plastic" strings (i.e. ones which do not absorb) seem to become more slippery with lotion than gut does.

But, I also think the effect doesnt last as long either. (I am also unsure of the effects of lotion on gut, as many typical lotions have water as a main ingrdient, so I am using baby oil with the gut/poly hybrids to be safe).

I sense a TW Prof experiment in the making!

And.....I also sense a new product for someone to market..........
The guy that sold Performaxx natural gut strings on the bay also sold two different spray lubricants meant especially for gut. I remember a poster posting a review of it, used on a bed of full gut. I think he said it worked very well - that the gut never got "out of place." At the time I dismissed it as being too much trouble. But if copoly "dies" primarily because of increasing friction then lube is really the only answer, until a company figures out how to make a string that doesn't get scuffed, notched or dented. So if we're going to lube, maybe we should just lube gut.

Anyway, we're veering the Monogut ZX thread a little off course here, so I'm starting a new thread.

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