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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
There is something missing from this story. Firstly, if the shot is truly a high ball up the middle, as stated, most netmen (especially in this example) are making the correct call in not hitting a BH overhead at the net since the other option is likely a swinging FH volley by Cindy from the midcourt.
What is missing is that my partner should have taken this ball as a high BH volley or a FH overhead or volley. As you say, if the ball was actually headed toward me for a FH swinging volley, I would have no need to wind up behind my partner. Which tells you this ball should have been handled by the deuce court player.

If the net player lays off a ball she really should take -- and let's face it, this happens -- then she needs to be alert to get out of the way.

Secondly, why she is ending up in the I formation from a ball hit up the middle (that is where either partner has a play on the ball), is totally unclear to me. Cindy should be standing very close to the T while her partner is in second volley position in the deuce service box. This is not an unreasonable position, since Cindy just needs to slide a step to her left and she/they will be in optimal position from an insideout forhand swinging volley the opponent's ad court.
No, I had to go behind her to play the ball. She is middle of service box, I am in no man's land behind her.
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